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The Quietening of the Mind

I wanted to use this week’s blog to talk about meditation. I’ve just started reading a book called Mind Calm by Sandy Newbigging to see if I can calm my mind and learn how to meditate. From the reading I’ve done, I have a feeling that I’m definitely not in the minority when I say that I realty struggle to meditate. I have friends who tell me how wonderful it is and how much their life has improved since starting a daily meditation practice. I really, really want to, I just can’t quite figure out how.

The problem I have is that I have a very busy mind. It’s always off trying to figure out various problems, thinking about things that have happened, figuring out what I’m going to have for lunch, or (and this one is endless) there’s a song stuck in my head, singing away as a soundtrack to my life. As a hypnotherapist, I have obviously had quite a lot of hypnotherapy myself and I am what they call ‘cerebral’. So, even when I am in trance, the left side of my brain is still active to a degree.

So what hope does someone like me have in learning to meditate?? Apparently, according to this book, there are loads of us like me and it is possible to quieten the mind. I haven’t quite got that far in the book yet, but I’m quietly hopeful. My husband kindly bought me a device a few years ago called ‘Muse’. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a way of quietening the mind for meditation. It is a headband that is said to pick up brainwaves and can tell how active your mind is. When your mind is really active, the sound it plays is heavy rainfall. Then as you quieten your mind, the rain stops. If you manage more than a few seconds and your mind is nicely still, it will play bird song. It’s a brilliant bit of kit but my stubborn mind does really well until I hear the birdsong, my brain goes “yay, birdsong!” and then I hear the rain again…

So wish me luck, I’m going for it, determined to achieve this elusive Mind Calm!

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