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The Holistic Medic

Firstly, welcome to my exciting new website and my exciting new blog. I realised that, when you’re looking for a therapist, you’re making a commitment to yourself but you’re also wanting to know you’re making that commitment with the right person. So I thought I’d share some regular ramblings so that you can get to know me a little better, get to know Sunflower a little better and understand my background a little more!

My life represents two sides of the healing coin. I am both a medical healthcare professional and a holistic therapist. I work part time for the NHS as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in acute medicine, which means I do the same job as the doctors but with a paramedic background. So I know my medical stuff. I’m also, as you’re aware from being on the site, a regression therapist that focuses on healing the core causes of an individual’s specific problems. Within this blog, I’m going to share the trials and tribulations of being both in a role that is very scientific and another that is lesser known but highly effective (some might say more effective than many more conventional approaches!).

For now, I’m just going to invite you to enjoy the website and my first blog will be coming very soon!

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