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Paranormal Experience

This weekend I went up to beautiful Shropshire to a paranormal investigation event in a National Trust property. Sadly I didn't actually take part (although I am very intrigued by it all), but I had a stall within the manor house where I was telling people about past life regression. I was a bit nervous as I'd never done any kind of show or stall before so beforehand, I was making myself even more nervous by convincing myself I'd get lost trying to find the place or that I wouldn't be able to figure out how to set up the roller banner. As it happened, I found the place easily, had help setting up the banner (admittedly, it was after I'd stared at it gormlessly for a few minutes and a kind gentleman came and took pity on me!) and set up the few little bits and pieces I had for my stall. When I was preparing for the event, I had asked a few people what I should put on my stand as I had no clue whatsoever. Several people told me that I should bribe prospective clients with sweeties so I bought a lovely jar of lemon sherbets that I proudly put on the table. Unfortunately, I didn't think to put up a sign saying 'please help yourself' so I had various reactions to my lemon sherbets. These ranged from people walking past and eyeing them suspiciously to "do we have to guess how many are in the jar?" (they could have guessed but I didn't have a clue) to people looking very sheepish and staring at the sweets until I offered them one.

Lemon sherbets aside, it seemed to go well (and no, I didn't spend the whole day eating said lemon sherbets). Quite a few people walked past the tall lady sitting in front of a nearly bare table, spotted the banner and came back, saying "ooh, past life regression, tell me more!". I had lots of lovely conversations about the power of past life regression therapeutically, as well as talking about sessions where people can come along simply to find out who they were in a past life. Will any of them take me up on my offer of online sessions? Maybe, maybe not. I would love it if they did, but even if they don't it was a lovely day and I met some great and fascinating people.

(And yes, they did sit me right next to the drinks!)

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