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Sunflower Holistic Services Kent

What is it?

Despite the name, it is a therapy that allows me to communicate directly with your subconscious to find the roots of a particular problem, whether that be from this life, a past life, or negative energy leftover from traumas in an ancestor’s life. I start by helping you into a relaxed, ‘trance’ state and guiding you into the area where the work needs to be done. In doing this, we can release past traumas that are holding you back in this life.

What is it not?

Some people think of past life regression as a fun way to find out who you were in a previous life. Although you will experience past lives, there is so much more to it than that and it is more of a deep therapeutic tool than just a trip into the past to find out who you were (and no, not everyone was Mary, Queen of Scots, King Henry VIII or Napoleon!). 

Having said that, I do offer a ‘Past Life Regression for Fun’ option that is just that, a look into your past lives for the sake of interest rather than specifically for therapy!

How long does it take?

It’s usually about an hour and a half per session but I always allow 2 hours as it’s not always possible to stick to a strict time limit! A ‘Past Life Regression for Fun’ session is shorter at 1 hour.

How much can I be helped in one session?

Most people notice a shift with one session, but often it takes a few session, depending on the problem. 

Is it right for everyone?

Most people, yes. Having an open mind is important, although belief in past lives is not always necessary!

1 Hour Past Life Regression For Fun £55

Up to 2 Hours Therapy Session £100

Sunflower Holistic Services Kent
Sunflower Holistic Services Kent
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Sunflower Holistic Services Kent

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Sunflower Holistic Services Kent
Sunflower Holistic Services Kent


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