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Sunflower Holistic Services Kent

Hi, I’m Claire and I’m a hypnotherapist specialising in two different forms of regression-based therapy: past life regression and transformational healing.

After working for the NHS for 13 years as a paramedic, I decided that I wanted to go beyond healing people’s bodies, I also wanted to help with the mental traumas stopping them from moving forward with their lives. During my own journey, I came across transformational healing and was surprised how incredibly effective it can be. It was so effective that I knew that this was something I wanted to bring to others so it could help them in the way it helped me. When I broke my leg later that year, I saw it as the universe’s way of telling me I needed to get on with it and make some changes! So I studied to become a hypnotherapist, learned all about the wonders of past life regression and finally had the chance to learn how to share transformational healing with others.


Through the wonders of technology I can now share my therapies with clients both local and all around the world.

I live in Kent with my husband and a large number of cats!


Sunflower Holistic Services Kent
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Sunflower Holistic Services Kent

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Sunflower Holistic Services
Sunflower Holistic Services Kent


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